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"Determination Of Silver In Photographic Material By Flow Injection Analysis With A Coated Tubular Solid-state Silver Sulfide Ion-selective Electrode As Detector"
Fresenius J. Anal. Chem. 1988 Volume 332, Issue 2 Pages 157-161
Jacobus F. van Staden

Abstract: A tubular flow-through silver electrode (cf. Ibid., 1986, 325, 247) was activated by deposition of Ag2S as a fine membrane on the inner wall of the tube by passing 0.10 M Na2S through the tube at 2 mL min-1 for 8 h, and conditioning was achieved by soaking the tube in 0.1 M Na2S, followed by further treatment for at least 12 h in Ag solution (1 g l-1). The flow injection system was used as previously described (loc. cit.); sample volume were 30 µL. The calibration graph was rectilinear up to 5 g L-1 of Ag. The coefficient of variation was 0.24% for samples containing 0.06 to 76 g L-1 of Ag (n = 15). Results agreed well with those by AAS.
Silver Electrode Method comparison