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"An SIA System With A Mixing Chamber For Handling High Concentration Solutions. Spectrophotometric Catalytic Determination Of Iodide In Nutrition Salts"
J. Flow Injection Anal. 1997 Volume 14, Issue 2 Pages 151-164
Araujo, A.N.;Lima, J.L.F.C.;Saraiva, M.L.M.F.S.;Sartini, R.P.;Zagatto, E.A.G.

Abstract: A mixing chamber is incorporated to the manifold of a sequential injection analysis (SIA system) in order to expand the applicability range of sequential injection analysis This is an efficient strategy when highly concentrated solutions are involved. Different configurations were studied in a system with spectrophotometric detection and that arrangement yielding the lowest Schlieren noise was chosen. The determination of iodide in table salt was selected as an application. The method was based on the catalytic effect of iodide on the oxidation of chlorpromazine by concentrated hydrogen peroxide under conditions of high acidity. A 500 µL sample aliquot and 100 µL of both reagents were sent to the mixing chamber: after a 60 s reaction period, 350 µL aliquots of the processed sample were withdrawn and directed towards the detector. Precise results (RSD usually <0.04) were attained within the 10^-100 µg L-1 I- range, and Schlieren noise was very reproducible. The detection limit was 4 µg L-1 I- and the sample throughput was 24 h-1. Variations in temperature within 20 and 40°C did not produce any observable modification in the reaction rate. Recovery data of 95.5-105.0% were obtained.
Iodide Spectrophotometry Sequential injection Mixing chamber Dissolved solids Catalysis