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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
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"Determination Of Hydrogen Peroxide With Sensors Based On Heterogenous Carbon Materials Modified With Manganese Dioxide"
Sci. Pap. Univ. Pardubice, Ser. A 1998 Volume 3, Issue 1 Pages 41-55
Schachl, K.;Alemu, H.;Kalcher, K.;Jezkova, J.;Svancara, I.;Vytras, K.

Abstract: Three different types of MnO2-modified electrodes were investigated for their electrochemical response toward hydrogen peroxide: a bulk-modified carbon paste electrode, a film-modified carbon paste electrode and a film-modified screen printed electrode. The sensors were characterized by voltammetric (cyclic voltammetry, linear sweep voltammetry) and amperometric methods (stationary and flow conditions). The best responses were obtained with a MnO2 film-modified screen printed carbon electrode which could be used as an electrochemical detector in flow injection analysis (FIA) using a NH3/NH4Cl buffer (0.2 M, pH 9.5) as a carrier. With FIA a detection limit (3s) of 0.26 µg L-1 could be achieved; the peak current was linear to the H2O2 concentration from 1 to 200.000 µg L-1. The method could be successfully applied to the determination of H2O2 in various samples (cosmetic and medical products, rain water). With flow injection a sample frequency of 60 h-1 can be achieved.
Hydrogen peroxide Electrode Electrode Electrode Apparatus Detector Buffer