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Commercial product

Classification: Commercial product -> hair dye

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"Analysis Of Basic Hair Dyes By HPLC With Online Post-column Photochemical Derivatization"
Chromatographia 1994 Volume 39, Issue 3-4 Pages 138-145
V. Andrisano, R. Gotti, A. M. DiPietra and V. Cavrini

Abstract: Commercial hair dye paste (200 mg) was mixed with 50 mL of aqueous 0.85% H3PO4 containing 0.5% Na2SO3 (solvent A) and 3 mL of p-dimethylaminoaniline sulfate solution in solvent A (internal standard; 1 mg/ml). After stirring for 20 min at room temperature the mixture was diluted to 100 mL with solvent A and filtered. The filtrate (50 µL) was analyzed on a column (30 cm x 4.9 mm i.d.) of C18 (10 µm) with elution at 1 ml/min with acetonitrile/diammonio-octane heptanesulfonate buffer solution of pH 4.5 (3:17) and diode array detection. The performance of the method was enhanced by introducing post-column photochemical derivatization by irradiating the eluate at 254 nm. For each analyte two characteristic spectra were obtained (photoreactor on and off). Calibration graphs were linear for the determination of 1,4-phenylenediamine, 4-methylaminophenol and 2,4-diaminoethoxybenzene with RSD of 0.85%, 1.20% and 1.65% (with online photoderivation). Low concentrations of the analytes (0.03%) were able to be determined. Results are discussed.
Amines, aromatic HPLC Spectrophotometry Post-column derivatization Photochemistry