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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
Phone: 1-904-620-1938
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Classification: Commercial product -> dental -> alloy

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"Development Of A Selective And Sensitive Flow Injection System For Analyses Of Pharmaceuticals And Clinical Samples"
Bunseki Kagaku 1998 Volume 47, Issue 11 Pages 795-806
Noriko Ohno and Tadao Sakai

Abstract: A review with 48 references. Since 1975, many papers related to flow injection analysis (FIA) have been published, because FIA has great advantages of small reagent consumption, small sample volume, simplicity, reproducibility, and rapidity. To enhance some functions on the FI detection system, some instrument devices, such as micro-flow cells and phase separators for the liq.-liq. extraction procedure, were proposed, and their practicality was investigated. A thermo-controlled flow cell was used for the selective determination of choline and acetylcholine. Fe and Cu in sera were simultaneously determined using a homemade double-flow cell. A new phase separator with 2 membranes was available and practical for the solvent-extraction/FIA system. Consequently, the proposed FI systems are useful for analyzes of pharmaceuticals, dental alloy, and clinical samples.
Choline Acetylcholine Iron Copper Spectrophotometry Solvent extraction Review Membrane Phase separator Heated reaction