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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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"Determination Of Dibutyltin And Dioctyltin Compounds In PVC Food Containers, Wrappings And Clothes By Reversed-phase HPLC With Column Switching"
Eisei Kagaku 1990 Volume 36, Issue 1 Pages 15-20

Abstract: A 5-g sample of shredded PVC food container or wrapping was extracted with a mixture of CCl4 and methanol under reflux; the extract was concentrated and then diluted with methanol to 5 mL. Chopped sample (1 g) of clothes was heated under reflux with methanolic 0.1% HCl, the extract was concentrated and diluted with methanol to 10 mL. Dioctyltin compounds (20 µL) were determined on an Asahipak GC-310H column (25 cm x 7.6 mm) at 40°C with 10 mM KH2PO4 buffer of pH 2 - methanol (2:3) as mobile phase (1 mL min-1). Dibutyltin compounds were separated from dioctyltin compounds on a Shodex DE-613p column with 10 mM phosphate buffer of pH 2.3 - methanol (1:1) as mobile phase, and then determined on a Shodex RSpak DE-613 column (15 cm x 6 mm) at 35°C with the same mobile phase (1 mL min-1). Post-column derivatization was performed with 0.1 mM morin in methanol followed by fluorescence measurement at 500 nm (excitation at 420 nm). Recoveries were 98 to 100% and detection limits were 10 ng.
Dibutyltin Dioctyltin HPLC Fluorescence Sample preparation Post-column derivatization