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Classification: Commercial product -> cigarette -> smoke

Citations 3

"Determination Of Formaldehyde In Reagents And Beverages Using Flow Injection"
Analyst 1994 Volume 119, Issue 6 Pages 1413-1416
Hironori Tsuchiya, Shigeru Ohtani, Kuniaki Yamada, Mioko Akagiri, Nobuhiko Takagi and Masaru Sato

Abstract: Organic solvents and water were analyzed immediately after distillation or after opening new bottles, and also after standing for 1 month. Alcoholic beverages were analyzed directly. Fruit juice was centrifuged, the supernatant solution filtered and the filtrate analyzed. Cigarette smoke was collected in phosphate buffer and the solution analyzed. A 50-100 µL portion of the sample solution was injected into a carrier stream (0.8 ml/min) of acetonitrile/0.1 M phosphate buffer of pH 2 (1:4) and the solution was passed through a column (10 cm x 4.6 mm i.d.) of NS-Gel C18 (5 µm) before being mixed with a second stream (0.5 ml/min) of a 60 mM 4-amino-3-penten-2-one solution in acetonitrile. The mixture was transported to a mixing coil kept at 60°C and the fluorescence intensity was measured at 510 nm (excitation at 410 nm). A diagram of the manifold used is given. The calibration graph was linear from 0.5-100 nmol/ml of formaldehyde. The RSD (n = 6) was 0.26%. Recoveries were quantitative. The throughput was 12 samples/h.
Formaldehyde Fluorescence Heated reaction C18

"Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometric Determination Of Total Chromium And Chromium(VI) In Cigarette Ash And Smoke Using Flow Injection/hydraulic High-pressure Sample Introduction"
Microchem. J. 1998 Volume 58, Issue 3 Pages 251-255
Csilla Sógor, Attila Gáspár and József Posta

Abstract: Total chromium and Cr(VI) contents of cigarets, ash, and smoke formed while burning cigarets were determined The determinations of chromium species were carried out according to procedures developed earlier. Cr(VI) was determined in a combined system, which involves a flow injection (FI) sorption pre-concentration system, hydraulic high-pressure nebulization (HHPN) sample introduction technique, and flame atomic absorption spectrometric (FAAS) detection. The total chromium of samples in Cr(VI) form was determined in this same combined system after ashing cigarets at 800°C [after total conversion of Cr(III) of the sample to Cr(VI)]. It was found that while burning cigarets 0.8-1.2% of the original chromium content of the cigarets comes to smoke in the toxic Cr(VI) form.
Chromium(VI) Chromium, total Spectrophotometry Speciation Interface Nebulizer Preconcentration

"Quantitative Fourier Transform Infrared Analysis Of Gas-phase Cigarette Smoke And Other Gas Mixtures"
Anal. Lett. 1989 Volume 22, Issue 3 Pages 751-763
Cueto, R.;Church, D.F.;Pryor, W.A.

Abstract: Mixtures of NO (600 to 800 ppm) and isoprene (~700 ppm) in air were analyzed by FTIR spectrometry with a continuous-flow gas cell. The gas-cell windows were coated with a thin film of hexatriacontane to prevent reaction of NO2 with NaCl. Isoprene, NO and NO2 were determined from the bands at 893, 1905 and 1628 cm-1 respectively. Smoke from cigarettes obtained by a puff protocol and by a continuous-flow method was analyzed for NO and NO2 by multivariate least-squares regression analysis. Results from the flow system were similar with those from the puff protocol, provided a very clean cell and very little flow-through the cell were used. The method can also be applied to other compounds in smoke or to any other gaseous mixture.
Nitrogen monoxide Nitrogen dioxide Isoprene Spectrophotometry Gas phase detection Flowcell Multivariate calibration