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"Flow Injection Analysis Of Hydrogen Peroxide In The Bleaching Solution Using A Flow-through Type ORP Electrode Detector"
J. Flow Injection Anal. 1992 Volume 9, Issue 2 Pages 187-194
Yoshio MAESHIMA, Takuo INUI, Aki SAKAI*, Akihide HENMI*, Satoshi ITO, Yasukazu ASANO and Toshihiko IMATO

Abstract: Bleach (5 µL) was injected into a stream of water (0.9 mL min-1) which was subsequently merged with a stream (0.9 mL min-1) of 0.02 M Fe(III) - 0.02 M Fe(II) - 1.2 M H2SO4 followed by detection with a flow-through type ORP electrode detector. The concentration of H2O2 was determined by measuring the potential change of the detector, which was observed as a peak-shaped signal. Sample throughput was 15 h-1. The results obtained compared well with those of a standard titrimetric method.
Hydrogen peroxide Electrode Method comparison