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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Cell -> pancreatic

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"Amperometric Monitoring Of Chemical Secretions From Individual Pancreatic β-cells"
Anal. Chem. 1993 Volume 65, Issue 14 Pages 1882-1887
Robert T. Kennedy, Lan Huang, Mark A. Atkinson, and Paula Dush

Abstract: A glass-encased carbon fiber micro-electrode was modified with a polynuclear RuO/CN-Ru film by dipping the micro-electrode in a solution of 0.1 M KCl, 2 mM RuCl3.H2O and 2 mM K4Ru(CN)6 adjusted to pH 2 with HCl. The electrode potential was cycled between +0.47 and +1.07 V at 50 mV/s for 25 min, then the electrode was rinsed and dried. Measurements using a flow injection apparatus in various electrolytes at pH 2 gave a detection limit of 0.1 µM-insulin (I). In physiological buffer, with the electrode periodically held at +0.4 V, the detection limit was 0.5 µM-I. Secretion from a single β cell that had been stimulated with K+ or glucose was measured by placing the electrode 1 µm away. The recordings consisted of a series of current spikes averaging 38 ms fwhm, which decreased in height and increased in width as the electrode was moved away from the cell. The results supported the hypothesis that the spikes represent rapid changes in I concentration. at the electrode surface resulting from its secretion by exocytosis.
Amperometry Electrode Electrode Apparatus Detector