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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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"Flow Injection Analysis Of Catecholamine Secretion From Bovine Adrenal Medulla Cells On Microbeads"
Anal. Biochem. 1985 Volume 144, Issue 1 Pages 218-227
Michelle Herrera, Lung-Sen Kao, David J. Curran and Edward W. Westhead

Abstract: Bovine adrenal medullary cells have been cultured on microbeads which are placed in a low-volume flow system for measurements of stimulation-response parameters. Electronically controlled stream switching allows stimulation of cells with pulse lengths from 1 s to many minutes; pulses may be repeated indefinitely. Catecholamines secreted are detected by an electrochemical detector downstream from the cells. This flow injection analysis technique provides a new level of sensitivity and precision for measurement of kinetic parameters of secretion. A manual injection valve allows stimulation by higher levels of stimulant in the presence of constant low levels of stimulant. Such experiments show interesting differences between the effects of K+ and acetylcholine on cells partially desensitized to acetylcholine.
Catecholamines Biochemical analysis Electrochemical analysis Kinetic Microbeads

"Flow Injection Analysis Of Nitrite Generated By Neutrophils And Endothelial Cells"
Anal. Lett. 1994 Volume 27, Issue 15 Pages 3081-3093
Hybertson, B.M.;Dunham, A.J.;Thompson, D.C.;Terada, L.S.;Repine, J.E.

Abstract: Solutions from cultures of bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells or human neutrophils were injected via a 100 µL sample loop into a stream of 0.1 M NaI/0.1 M H3PO4. The mixture flowed into microporous tubing (20 cm x 1 mm i.d.) in a glass bulb with gas inlet and outlet parts. He gas was swept through the bulb at ~100 ml/min and into a Nitric Oxide Chemiluminescence Analyzer (Sievers Instruments model 270B, Boulder, CO, USA). The calibration graph was linear for 10^-5000 nM-nitrite.
Nitrite Chemiluminescence

"Determination Of Trace Arsenic, Selenium, Molybdenum, Sulfur And Chromium With Online Flow Injection Anion-exchange Preconcentration Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic-emission Spectrometry"
Fenxi Huaxue 1993 Volume 21, Issue 3 Pages 328-330
Liu, E.;Chen, W.J.;Zhao, C.Y.

Abstract: A system for online flow injection anion-exchange pre-concentration. ICP-AES (diagram given) for determination of As, Se, Mo, S and Cr is described. Sample solution was passed through two parallel columns (8 cm x 2 mm) packed with D296 anion-exchange resin (40 mesh) at a flow rate of 1.23 mL min-1 for pre-concentration.; elution was effected with 0.5 M NH4Cl and 3 M NH3 (1.23 mL min-1) and exposure time was 40 s. The detection limits were 13, 25.2, 2.04, 6.19 and 3.64 ng mL-1 for As, Se, Mo, S and Cr, respectively. The method was used for the analysis of geological, hair and bovine liver standards. Results agreed with the certified values.
Arsenic Selenium Molybdenum Sulfur Chromium Spectrophotometry Sample preparation Ion pair extraction Reference material Preconcentration