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Rat Tissue

Classification: Biological tissue -> rat

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"Selective Post-column Phthalaldehyde-derivatization System For The Determination Of Histamine In Biological Material By High Performance Liquid Chromatography"
Anal. Biochem. 1985 Volume 144, Issue 1 Pages 98-103
Stig Allenmark, Sture Bergström and Lennart Enerbäck

Abstract: Rat tissue and blood samples were treated with 0.4 M HClO4 and then centrifuged. The supernatant solution was adjusted to pH 6.5 with K2CO3 and subjected to HPLC on a column (15 cm x 4.6 mm) of Nucleosil C18 (5 µm) with a mobile phase (0.4 mL min-1) of 5 mM pentanesulfonic acid in 15 mM citrate buffer containing 5% of methanol, and electrochemical detection (for electroactive biogenic amines) or fluorimetric detection by post-column derivatization with phthalaldehyde and emission measurements at 418 nm (excitation at 350 nm). The calibration graph was rectilinear for 0.5 to 135 pmol of histamine injected, and the detection limit was 0.25 pmol.
Histamine HPLC Electrochemical analysis Fluorescence Post-column derivatization