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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Biological tissue -> liver -> rat -> liposomes

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"Determination Of Thiobarbituric Acid-reactive Substances In Oxidized Lipids By High Performance Liquid Chromatography With A Post-column Reaction System"
Anal. Biochem. 1989 Volume 182, Issue 1 Pages 116-120
Kazuaki Yoden* and Toshihiro Iio

Abstract: Free malonaldehyde (I) and other thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances were determined in oxidized lipids (prep. described) by HPLC on a column (15 cm x 6 mm) of Inertsil ODS-2 (5 µm) with linear gradient elution (0.7 mL min-1) from aqueous 50 to 100% methanol over 30 min, and held at 100% methanol for 15 min. The eluate was mixed (0.7 mL min-1) with 0.5% 2-thiobarbituric acid in 0.05 M HCl in a reaction coil (20 m x 0.4 mm) at 55°C and the resulting red pigment was determined fluorimetrically at 553 nm (excitation at 515 nm). The calibration graph was rectilinear up to 4 nM-I and the detection limit was 0.5 nM. The procedure was applied in the analysis of thermally oxidized methyl linoleate, the degradation products of methyl linoleate hydroperoxides and the oxidation products of rat liver microsomes.
Thiobarbituric acid HPLC Fluorescence Post-column derivatization Column Gradient technique Calibration Detection limit