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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of North Florida
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Classification: Biological tissue -> liver -> ox

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"Determination Of Trace Cobalt, Nickel And Cadmium By Online Flow Injection Analysis With Coprecipitation Preconcentration Flame AAS"
Guangpuxue Yu Guangpu Fenxi 1994 Volume 14, Issue 1 Pages 85-90
Dong, L.P.;Fang, Z.L.

Abstract: Ox liver (0.2 g) or urine (10 ml) was placed in a PTFE crucible, treated with 3 mL of HNO3/HClO4 (10:1) and the mixture was heated at 170°C to near dryness. The residue was treated with ~15 mL of hot water, the solution was mixed with 100 µL of 1% Fe(III) and 1 drop of 1% thiosalicylic acid. The solution was adjusted to pH 3 with saturated sodium acetate solution, mixed dropwise with 2% ascorbic acid until the red color disappeared, treated with 3 drops of the reagent in excess and water to 10 mL. The solution was fed at 2 ml/min into a FIA system (diagram given). Co, Ni and Cd were co-precipitated with ammonium pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate-Fe complex, the precipitate was dissolved with methyl isobutyl ketone and the solution was introduced into a Perkin-Elmer atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The detection limits of Co, Ni and Cd were 1, 3 and 3 ng/ml, respectively. The RSD were 2.3% for 20 ng/ml of Co, 2% for 100 ng/ml of Ni and 2.4% for 10 ng/ml of Cd. Results agreed with the certified values.
Cobalt Nickel Cadmium Spectrophotometry Reference material Preconcentration Coprecipitation MIBK