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Fish Tissue

Classification: Biological tissue -> epidermal -> fish

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"Novel Measurement Of Hypoxanthine In Fish Using Direct Measurement Probe And Flow Injection Chemiluminescence Analysis"
J. Food Sci. 1996 Volume 61, Issue 4 Pages 736-745
Hayashi K, Okugawa T, Kozuka Y, Sasaki S, Ikebukuro K, Karube I.

Abstract: Samples were prepared by taking an epidermal tissue from a 3 mm deep cut on the back of the fish. They were transferred through a dialysis membrane and oxidized. The resulting H2O2 was injected every 40 or 60 s into the FIA system via the sampling loop (50 µL) and reacted with luminol in the presence of peroxidase in the flow cell. The system used threeway solenoid valves which were controlled by a microcomputer. A photodiode detector was used for measuring the photocurrent output. Calibration was performed in the range of 10 µM- to 1 mM hypoxanthine (I) and comparison was made between calibration curves (i) without the probe, and (ii) with the probe. Calibration graphs were linear from 1 µM to 3 mM I. RSD were 6-11.5% for (i) and 4.8-5.1% for (ii), respectively, with response times of 120-480 s. The method showed good reproducibility.
Hypoxanthine Chemiluminescence Method comparison Photodiode Computer Dialysis Valve