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Artificial Intenstine Fluid

Classification: Biological fluid -> intenstine -> artificial

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"Use Of A Model Gut System To Study The Effects Of Dietary Fibre And Multivitamins On The Speciation Of Copper, Zinc And Iron"
Analyst 1995 Volume 120, Issue 8 Pages 2085-2088
Mustafa S. Dundar and Stephen J. Haswell

Abstract: A model gut system, representing the stomach and intestinal tract and incorporating an enzymolysis procedure, was designed to examine the speciation of Cu, Zn and Fe and their complexation with fiber and multivitamins. Samples were treated in two ways: (i) incubation with pepsin at pH 3.5 for 4 h at 37°C; (ii) as for (i) followed by incubation with pancreatin and amylase at pH 7.4 for 4 h at 37°C. In both cases, the reaction mixture was centrifuged after enzymolysis was complete. The solid residue was digested with HNO3/HCl and then analyzed together with the supernatant solution for Cu, Zn and Fe by flow injection ICP-MS (details given). The solubility of Cu, Zn and Fe increased in the gut but decreased in the intestinal tract. Fiber had the greatest influence on the solubility of Cu, Zn and Fe in the intestinal tract, while multivitamins had a less pronounced effect. The reduction in solubility was greatest for Zn but significantly less for Fe and Cu. The results are discussed.
Copper Iron Zinc Mass spectrometry Modeling Speciation