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Serum Fish

Classification: Biological fluid -> blood -> serum -> fish

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"Application Of An Immobilized Glucose Oxidase-peroxidase System For The Determination Of Glucose In Fish Blood Sera"
Int. J. Environ. Anal. Chem. 1993 Volume 50, Issue 1 Pages 53-61
Abraham, M.;Nemcsok, J.;Szajani, B.

Abstract: A flow injection analysis system for the determination of glucose in fish serum using immobilized glucose oxidase (I) and peroxidase (II) is described and illustrated and is proposed as a sensitive indicator of environmental stress. Sample was injected into a carrier stream (60 ml/h) of 0.36 mM guaiacol in 0.1 M phosphate buffer of pH 5 and passed through a column reactor packed with Silochrome (NPO Biolar, Latvia) on which I (20 units) and II (8 units) were immobilized (cf. Prikl Biokh. Microbiol., 1988, 24, 499); the tetraguaiacol formation was monitored at 430 nm. The calibration graph was rectilinear up to 24 mM glucose and the detection limit was 1 mM. All reactions were carried out at 25°C; at this temperature the system was stable for several weeks. More than 100 samples could be analyzed in one day. The method was applied to the analysis of serum from fish at rest and under stress; environmental stress resulted in enhanced levels of glucose.
Glucose Spectrophotometry Immobilized enzyme