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Corn Syrup

Classification: Agricultural -> grain -> corn -> syrup

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"Co-determination Of Sodium Metabisulfite And Starch In Corn Syrup By Flow Injection Coulometry"
Talanta 1994 Volume 41, Issue 1 Pages 31-38
Richard H. Taylor, Jon Rotermund, Gary D. Christian and Jaromir Ruzicka

Abstract: Sodium metabisulfite (I) in aqueous solution of corn syrup was determined by coulometric flow injection titration (CFIT; apparatus described) with iodine generated from 0.2 M KI and detection at 530 nm. A linear relationship was observed between CFIT and manual titration for 0.35 mM 0.029 M I (r2 = 0.996) which was independent of starch concentration. The rate of accumulation of the starch/iodine interaction product at a constant reagent generation rate after the I end-point was used to determine starch in the presence of I. A RSD of 1.4% was obtained for all starch analyzes (r 0.997) with a known relative concentration.
Metabisulfite Starch Coulometry Titrations