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Rat Feed

Classification: Agricultural -> feed -> rat

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"Mechanized Method For Measuring Metal Partition In N-octanol-aqueous Systems. Partition Of Aluminum Complexes"
Analyst 1995 Volume 120, Issue 10 Pages 2513-2519
Lars-Göran Danielsson, Yu-Hui Zhang and Anders Sparén

Abstract: A continuous-flow extraction system combined with electrothermal (ET) AAS for the measurement of n-octanol/H2O partition constants (D') of metal complexes is described. A stream (0.2 ml/min) of the aqueous sample solution was merged with a stream (0.1 ml/min) of n-octanol in a segmentor. The mixture was passed through a PTFE extraction coil (1 m x 0.5 mm i.d.) and then into a gravitational (non-membrane) phase separator (diagram given). The separated n-octanol phase was subsequently injected into an air stream and carried to the ETAAS instrument for metal determination. A diagram of the system used is given. The D' value was evaluated from the ratio of the metal concentration in n-octanol to that in aqueous solution. The RSD was 10%. The throughput was 3 samples/h. The method was used to study the partition of aluminum citrate complexes to n-octanol. D' values for Al in supernatant solutions from rat-feed slurries, obtained from in vitro studies of gastro-intestinal absorption, were also measured. Results are discussed.
Aluminum Spectrophotometry Sample preparation Extraction Partition coefficients Organic phase detection Phase separator