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Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.
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Welcome to the Flow Analysis Database! Alpha

The Flow Analysis Database contains publications in the areas of Flow Injection Analysis (FIA - click here to find out what else FIA means), Sequential Injection Analysis (SIA), Segemented Flow Analysis, and post column derivatization in LC. Currently, there are 17314 references in the database covering 1956 through to 2007 (updated July 2007). The database contains research papers and information for each entry is available in a number of separate searchable fields that can be seen on the left.

Access to this database is completely free. However, users are requested to help maintain it by checking for accuracy, informing me of new publications, and providing me with updated information such as current mailing address, email address, and links to personal web sites where available. Anyone interested in more details about this site can read a paper about it in Talanta, 1998, 45(3), 591-599. If you have questions/comments about this site please or contact me (see info on left).

2015 Update

Its been eight years that this website has not been actively updated. The reason - no money, no time, and a refocusing of personal research to chemical informatics. Now that I feel ready I am coming back to this database both from and FIA background and with an informatics eye. So much has changed relative to technology, the semantic web, databases, big data, in even the last six years and its time to bring it all together.

So, what does that mean. It means this new modern version of the website. I means a move towards a crowdsourcing model for updating this website. Still without money and only a fraction of my time I think this site can get back up to date. But we all have to contribute. Click here to see how you can contribute.

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